Jackson Browne

    • Rockaway, New Jersey

There isn't enough space on this page to say all the wonderful things about Mr. Jackson Browne!  Jackson would be the most wonderful addition to any home without children and with people who take charge!  You see, Mr. Browne can sometimes be over protective of his family, especially children.  He guards the house and his people that he loves so he needs some direction and a strong leader.  That being said, he has a personality unlike any other pup. He's sweet, playful, silly, loving, and knows when to RELAX!! He's a great cuddler and will curl up next to you, even in the smallest of spaces.  He loves his belly rubs, so be prepared when he stretches out his paws to you!

Jackson also loves to go on walks and adventures and ESPECIALLY loves the water!! He pulls slightly on the leash, but he is great in the car.  Once Jackson meets you, he LOVES you, but it does take time. He is generally good with meeting dogs and people outside on the leash, but sometimes he gets nervous so make sure to properly introduce him first!  Again, Jackson is friendly with most dogs, but can be dog selective.

Jackson is housetrained, knows basic commands, and listens very well. Jackson can be trained easily. He is the most lovable, most precious dog and he will love you completely.

If you'd like to meet Jackson, please fill out an application today, he's sure to put a smile on your face!

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