Frances 2

    • Sedalia, Colorado


Frances is a female, brown schnauzer-type of dog, maybe 3 years old, who is quiet and gentle, but scared.  She gets along with other dogs and with cats, but is afraid of people, especially when they are standing up.  She likes to spend her days in a big stuffed armchair, from which she observes the world.  She also likes to hang out in the back yard, silently watching squirrels and enjoying the sunshine.  She is house trained, and uses the dog door at her foster home to go outside when she wants or needs to, but isn't comfortable going in or out while you stand there holding the door open for her.  She is currently too afraid to walk close to a standing person to do that.  However, she will walk up to you and take a treat from your hand if you crouch down.  She will let anyone pet her if they sit down by her.  It has taken some work and patience to get her to this stage.  It is possible she was abused in her past, or maybe she was feral as a puppy.  Her foster mom has found it rewarding to work with Frances on her fears, and hopes Frances can find a home where someone wants to keep easing her into more trust of people.  At this point, Frances is still terrified of being trapped on a leash, so the adopter will not be able to walk her right away.  Therefore, a back yard will be necessary for Frances to eliminate in.  She is a cute and sweet girl who needs patience and understanding. 


Approximate Age: 2 yrs


Approximate Weight: 20lbs




Adoption Fee: $160


This online application is required prior to viewing dogs/cats at our adoption events.  This should be completed before the event begins to avoid long wait times.

Adoption events are held at the Lakewood PetCo at 475 S. Wadsworth Blvd on Wednesdays from 4-7pm, Friday from 4-7pm, and Saturday from 10am-2pm.  

For additional information, please see our Facebook page at


Email with any questions you may have regarding the adoption process.  Or see information here.

Adopters may use our veterinarian for issues within the first 7 days of adoption.

Adoption fees include vaccines up until the time of adoption, microchip, spay/neuter surgery expenses, and 30 days of optional free pet insurance.  We are not affiliated with PetFirst Pet Insurance.  It's the adopters responsibility to enroll in the insurance program should they choose.

We do not have a facility as all of our dogs/pups are kept in foster homes.  We do not ask our foster families to meet potential adopters outside of adoption events.

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