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All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, shots current (DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies where applicable), dewormed, flea and tick treated and microchipped. 

* If you are interested in a dog, please first read the biography on the dog (keep scrolling down for the bio!) and then go to our website, for an application. Our adoption fee is $400-$800. if a biography does not otherwise say then it is $400. We will also post at the end of the evening the names of those dogs who have been adopted:

This dog will be at Palo Alto Pet Food Express on Saturday and Sunday, March 7th-8th from 12pm-4pm or until adopted. We do approve folks ahead of time and give them the first opportunity to meet before the public. If you are interested in one of our dogs, we recommend filling out an application prior to the event to be considered.

Adoption Fee: $450

Nemo is a 1 1/2 year old Pug-Beagle, possible Dachshund mix. He weighs about 24lbs. He is Mr. Personality. He meets you and declares you his BFF from the get go. He is a social butterfly as he flits from person to person in the house. He's totally affectionate and loving. He is an extrovert! He's the life of the party.

Nemo was a rescue from the shelter originally. He was listed as a stray. His home never claimed him from the shelter and we received the call asking if we would take him in. Nemo won over the staff at the shelter too. He was a hit. He loved everyone and made friends b/c he wanted to make sure he got out of there alive! Well, he did. He was adopted and recently returned due to owner illness.

While in our rescue, he lived with dogs. He played every day with a variety of sized dogs. He was the Ambassador at the dog park. In his adoptive home for the last 6 months he lived by himself and he did wonderfully. So he's an option to for both scenarios.

Per his former adoptive home he is housetrained. He is also crate trained. He sleeps in a crate at night. He is leash trained. He knows basic commands. He is very eager to learn. He loves to go in the car and loves new adventures. He could be a hiking partner. He is just waiting to go to Ft. Funston and run on the beach. 

Nemo plays with toys. He isn't picky. He will play with whoever or whatever is lying around the house or the yard. He drags a fair amount of toys out of the toy box. Nemo hasn't proven to be a barker. He could live in an apartment or condo setting. He could easily be everyone's favorite in the complex. Nemo could also go to work with Mom or Dad if they have a dog friendly office or business. He'll be the "meeter or greeter" at the door to welcome everyone. 

Nemo is waiting for his own Instagram account. He will be a star. He's just waiting...

Nemo is sensitive to loud noises. He's probably not best suited for a home that is loud and rowdy but rather a quieter environment or a confident environment that is very dog savvy to help build his confidence. Also if there's another dog, the loud home may not matter.

Nemo is an option for a variety of homes with limited or advanced experience. If there are children he is an option for kids over the age of 8.

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