• Garland, Texas

~~Although we do our very best to make sure your new pup is in tiptop health before adoption,
things could drastically change a month later.  Since we don’t have a long health history of your
adopted dog, we can only treat the pet for whatever symptoms  present during the initial exam
and follow up exams.~

Health: ***** She has a bad right eye from a big dog attack.  The eye is damaged and she is blind in that eye.  Her other eye is just fine.  No other obvious issues found during vet exam *****

Temperament: Lizzie is the sweetest girl we have in rescue.  She just wants to be in your lap or by your side.  She is really the best little girl.  She enjoys going places and meeting people.  She would be an excellent therapy dog or an emotional assisted companion.  She doesn't bark and carry on.  She can use a doggie door.  She is easy to groom and she's a good eater.  Lizzie likes to chase the cat that resides at the foster home but she never tries to hurt the cat.  If the cat stopped and played, I think Lizzie would like that.  Although Lizzie gets along great with the dogs she lives with, she gets fearful and protective when she is around dogs she does not know.  This behavior is probably due to her being attacked in the past.    --

Where did she come from: Owner gave her to a friends daughter to watch while she was unable to care for her. The owner never came back to claim her months later. 

Adoption: ***** $324.75 ($300.00 fee + $24.75 required 8.25% sales tax) *****
Weight: 7.6 lbs.
Approximate age: 10/09/2010


Email to request a printable application. --


------Please remember our group is made of only volunteers all of whom have full time jobs, foster fur-kids, and families of their own, so please be patient.--------

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