• Garland, Texas

~~Although we do our very best to make sure your new pup is in tiptop health before adoption,
things could drastically change a month later.  Since we don’t have a long health history of your
adopted dog, we can only treat the pet for whatever symptoms present during the initial exam
and follow up exams.~

Health: ***** Caruso was treated for heart worms successfully.  No other obvious issues were noted during vet exam *****

Temperament: Caruso is a silly little guy who makes the best lap dog.  He is very quiet and gives the funniest expressions. He's the only dog I've ever known to make direct eye contact and keep it up for a long time.  He is not at all house trained and we keep a belly band (boy diaper) on him while he is inside.  

Where did he come from:  Found as a stray never reclaimed.  He was adopted but was returned because he was not house trained.  In fact, he came back to us with a raging Urinary track infection.   So please understand that Caruso is NOT house trained and he probably never will be.  

Adoption: ***** $433.00 Includes Required Tax *****
Weight: 6 lbs.
Approximate age: 03/19/2009​


Email to request a printable application. --


------Please remember our group is made of only volunteers all of whom have full time jobs, foster fur-kids, and families of their own, so please be patient.--------

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