• Techny, Illinois

Tommy is an active, healthy, playful, cute, protective and loving dog. He enjoys being with his dog pack and his favorite people. Tommy listens really well off leash in the unfenced areas where his foster home is located and he is lake saavy. Every day Tommy gets to roam on the half acre where he plays with other dogs and interacts with nature. He knows when the lake is frozen he must stay off of it. Yes, Tommy has proven to be very intelligent.

Some of Tommy's favorite things:

1.Daycare, playing with dogs.

2.Tennis balls and playing fetch.

3.Going for walks, adventures and car rides.

4. Eating food, treats, chewing on snacks.

5.Greeting you at the door with his favorite toy when you come home or let him out of his crate.

Training Tommy has had:

1.Crate trained/potty trained

2.Great on leash, in obedience classes.

3. Tommy knows, quiet, heel, sit, down, stay, leave it, go away, stop it, car, watch me, jump, place, go to bed.

Tommy needs work on:

1.Fear with strangers, Tommy likes meeting people but he does not like to be touched by strangers when he is on leash. He feels uncomfrotable and would rather have space. He can be nervous with strangers in the home as well but with the foster home he is in he feels very comfortable with new people because of the security he feels with the other dogs being present. 

Tommy lives with both cats and dogs. He doesn't mind the cats but doesn't love them too much. He is great with the dogs but I would not recommend small children as he has never been exposed to them. 

Email or call 847-338-3252

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