Tin Tin

    • Rockaway, New Jersey

Meet Tin Tin, a handsome black Lab mix who's almost 5 years old. Tin Tin is a very loving and playful dog. He is very good on a leash and loves to run. Tin Tin loves everyone he meets, but he can get scared if you overwhelm him.

Tin Tin LOVES other dogs and plays very well with every dog he has met. He is even ok with cats!!! He is a very goofy boy who acts like a cat by rubbing up against you for some love.

Update – May 2014:

Tin Tin was picked up as a stray in 2012 and has lived in the rescue kennel for most of his young life. He has been in foster care since March with a family that has 5 other dogs and is doing well. Tin Tin took some time to adjust to the change and to learn to trust that his people will be there for him. Consistency was needed in his routine and he has thrived in a home environment. He is now housetrained and will take rewards from your hand nicely. He learns quickly and takes verbal correction well.

Tin Tin can be picky about what food he will eat and it took some time for us to find a food that he likes and will eat consistently. He is now close to 58 lbs. and is looking good. He is protective of his food and does not like the other dogs around him while he eats but is learning to tolerate the other dogs and they are learning to give him space while eating.

Tin lives in a home with 5 other dogs ranging in size from 22 to 75 lbs. and gets along with all of them. He especially likes to play with the dogs that are his size but he will play nicely with the smaller beagles. He shares the toys without aggression and likes to play tug with another dog and a rope or cloth toy. Tin Tin likes balls on ropes and hard Nylabones and can occupy himself playing with these toys. He is not destructive in the house. At night he sleeps on a carpet in the kitchen with some of the other dogs and does not try to jump the gates. He is well behaved in the yard and is trained on the Invisible Fence system but does not really go near the boundaries or try to leave the yard.

An ideal adopter would be a person or a family with older children that would respect the fact that Tin Tin will likely need time to adjust to a change in homes and allow Tin to blossom on his terms. He can become overwhelmed if pushed too quickly. It would be wonderful for him if his adopter would be willing to take him to obedience class to help him gain confidence and understanding. This is also great for bonding with his person. It might be nice for Tin Tin  if his adopter had another dog since Tin will follow the actions of the resident dog to learn what is expected. He walks nicely on a leash and loves to go for walks.

At times, Tin craves attention from his person and will accept a hug. He is still a work in progress and this is how far he has come since moving into a home environment. He will likely require time to process what is required and desired from him. Patience and understanding is desirable in his adopting family.

This is an absolutely beautiful boy who really deserves a loving person or family. If you are willing to help him to learn what is expected of him, Tin Tin will be forever loving and appreciative of sharing your home. Don’t miss the chance to have this poor fellow as a part of your family. You will not be disappointed.

Tin Tin would love to get out of the kennel and have a home that he can call his. If you would like to meet Tin Tin, please fill out an adoption application and be sure to mention his name  - Tin Tin!


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