Unlisted Dog

    • Westminster, Maryland

All of the animals posted on our site have been temperament tested. While not all are in the immediate area, once we have processed and approved your application, we will move the dog to our adoptive area for you to meet, greet and hopefully adopt. Sometimes we will have more than one application on a dog. That does not mean it automatically goes to another family but you should be aware of the fact that until you are approved and set up for the meet/greet.. the dog could get adopted by another applicant.

Are you interested in a dog who is not yet listed? Have you already spoken to an RORR volunteer about an unlisted dog? If so, please select "Unlisted Dog" from the dropdown menu on the "which animal are you interested in" question on our dog application and we will be in contact with you about him.

If you have questions about "Unlisted Dog", please contact:


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