Jonesy D3122

    • Shakopee, Minnesota

Jonesy is a loving hound mix, born 1/21/16, and currently weighs about 60 pounds. His favorite thing is just hanging out with his people friends. He will love lounging on the couch next to you for as long as you want and then sleep next to you if allowed. He is also very comfortable sleeping in his kennel overnight and enjoys the security it offers when he’s left alone. He has been allowed to free roam while being left in the house for a couple of hours and has done well. In his free time, he does independent lounging and likes chewing his ring toy as well as a stuffed animal or a tennis ball. He and the house cat have established a cordial relationship.

Jonesy goes outside on a long cable to do his “business” and play in the snow or tries to retrieve a ball. We have not gone on walks due to the fact that when Jonesy arrived, he was on a restricted physical activity schedule. He has had bilateral cranial cruciate ligament ruptures and a medial patella luxation - most likely due to a genetic abnormality where arthritis has set in. This leaves Jonesy to intermittently lift his back, right leg up and avoid putting a lot of weight on it when it’s bothering him. He does not let this slow him down. Surgery was considered but was determined to not be a helpful option at this point. Jonesy is currently on Novox (1/2 pill twice a day) and Glycoflex (a joint supplement) that will be a part of Jonesy’s daily needs.

Jonesy is very timid when first meeting new people. Tall, male figures seem to make Jonesy

nervous, but when allowing Jonesy some time for adjusting and getting familiar, he does well. It

appears Jonesy chooses not to come when he’s called but he does a great job when he’s told to sit. Jonesy is very affectionate and has all kinds of love to share. He seems happiest just to be next to his favorite people friends. At bedtime, he typically sleeps with his people friends while sharing the bed with them or he may use a dog bed on the floor, or be in his kennel depending on the situation. His first choice will always be to be by your side. He makes a wonderful companion.

Interested in adopting this lovable animal? Please go to our website and fill out an Adoption Application.  Once the application is processed, a Wags representative will contact you, answer any questions you may have, and set up a time/location for a meet and greet!  A home visit is required prior to adoption. 

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

Breed and temperament determination:  Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue attempts to determine breed and temperament using a combination of looks, information provided to us at intake, and our experience with the animal while in our Rescue.  We do not guarantee this determination.

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