• Evergreen, Colorado

Zena is now 11 months old estimated birthday 3/25/2019 and being returned for being a herding dog ...  YES she does have all the herding dog qualities and therefore is not a good fit for everyone.   Zena was rescued from a shelter in Texas.  She is sweet and quick to trust & learn.  She is eager to please, obedient & smart.  Zena likes other dogs & plays well with others.  She would do great in a home with another dog to play with! 
Pros of this lovable herding dog: She knows sit and shake (she is a quick learner.)  

Can jump 3 feet in the air, would be great as an agility dog! 

Very lovable after a good hike/run.  A tired active herding dog is a happy dog!  

Cons of the herding dog: 

Jumpy (she is still a puppy and needs some work to not jump up...Nippy ie herding!  Cannot be around young children as they do not understand her herding actions.  She needs a job and more activity!  She cannot be around cats or smaller pets (she wants to herd them). 

 If you are interested in meeting Zena, please submit an application to EAPL today.  




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