• westminster, Colorado

Teeko, cattledog / blue heeler, 1.5 yo, male, neutered, 39 lb

Teeko is a beautful and special dog. Most of his coat is so white that he almost glows on the dark night. He is fast and loves to run, If there is a dog in a way, or a piece of furniture, he will go over, not around. Teeko is athletic and agile, although not hyper, and needs a yard with 6' fence. At home he is pretty calm and likes to fall asleep in some hiding place under the bed or in a covered kennel. 

He is affectionate and sensitive and needs someone who is patient and will consistently provide good care and stability, someone he can love and trust.  When talked to one on one, he relaxes, closes his eyes and enjoys every minute you spend with him.

Teeko is good with dogs, especially females, puppies, smaller friendlier dogs or pretty much any dogs with calm stable personality. He has a strong herding instinct and would not come back from the yard until the last dog is in. He runs back and forth and makes a special sound. He will not let you leave anyone behind at night.

If interested, please submit an application at http://sannicoladogrescue.com/adoptADogForms.aspx. Adoption fee $300

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