• Ramsey, New Jersey

Duke is a 6 year old neutered male English Setter.

He was an owner surrender, because he was not

comfortable in a family with young children. Duke

gets a bit nervous when a person or dog gets in his

personal space when he is lying down and can be a bit

grumbly. We think that he may feel as if he is going to

get hurt by being stepped on or sat on.  While in foster

care, Duke did well when our 12 year old granddaughter

came to visit.  He was happy and relaxed like a true

gentleman. We feel that Duke would do well with kids

that are old enough to understand and respect his

personal space.

Duke came into rescue being heartworm positive.

During his treatment, he had an adverse reaction to the

medication used in the injection. He is now on a long

term, slow kill treatment for the heartworms. Duke also

has an old injury that is non-repairable; he has a

bilateral tear to the ACL on his right leg. This tells us

that he has had some fairly significant pain in his past,

which may require arthritis meds in his future.

Duke lives in a foster home with other dogs and he does

well with all of them.  He also lives with an indoor cat.

When Duke is inside, he ignores the cats, but, on the other

hand, when outside, if a cat runs he may give chase.  

I think it is safe to say that Duke would do well with a cat

if that cat was strictly an indoor cat.  Outdoors, Duke is a

little more prey driven.  For instance, Duke is not chicken

friendly at all, and he has worked his way through a wire

fence or 2 to get at the chickens. Because of his increased

prey drive outdoors, we feel it is best that Duke have a

home with some type of a physical fence.

This boy is super sweet and he does enjoy being the center

of attention. He is a talker and he will give you a long drawn

out ROOO to let you know that he has to go outside or he

thinks it is time to eat.  Duke is not crated when we leave the

house and he has proven to be respectful and trustworthy.

When you return home, he will be waiting for you with more

ROOO’s and his happy dance

Do you have room on your couch for Duke?

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