Momma Francie

    • Fultonham, New York

Momma Francie came to us from our rescue friends in Gallia County, Ohio.  We estimate that she is about 2 years old, and our best assessment is that she is a Dachshund/Beagle mix.  This little girl, along with her two pups (Freckles and Frankey, who are already in their forever homes), has gone through a lot in her young life, more so than should ever happen.   Essentially, Momma Francie and her pups were thrown into a barn, to fend for themselves and try to survive.  Happily, all three did survive… and they are all sweet, sweet dogs who absolutely LOVE and ADORE their humans… but it takes them just a little while to feel secure enough to snuggle up to new people.

As for Francie, she is a little sweetheart.  She is also quite adorable, with her pretty white and tan coat and soulful eyes.  She is a small girl, weighing in at only about 13 lbs.  This honey-bun so much loves her people; and she is doing very well in foster care, where there also are a number of other dogs.  Francie is learning that she does not have to be afraid any longer, and she is coming around beautifully.  She is even playing with the other dogs in the household, that is, when she’s not in the lap of her foster mom…

Before coming into rescue, Francie and her pups were pretty much thrown away like trash, with no care, including medical care.  Upon arrival here, she tested positive for lyme; and we have treated her for that.  She is also up-to-date on her shots and spayed.  So, she is all ready for her forever home.

Until Francie was rescued by our Ohio rescue friends, she did not know what loving, caring human beings were; but now she does, and she has come a long way in a short period of time.  She is very affectionate and loving with her foster parents – but, yes, it did take a few days for her to fully understand that she and her two kids were safe and going to be fed!  And, so, her new adoptive family will need to have a little patience as Francie gets acquainted with them.

Francie just loves to sit in her foster parents’ lap or curl up in bed with them to snuggle -- and, no doubt, she will transfer that affection to her new family once she has had a chance to acclimate.  Also, while, at first, she was a little shy with the other adult fosters siblings in her foster home, she has already learned that she can sniff and play with them anytime she wants – and no one will hurt her.  So, we think she would do fine in a home with another dog; we also think she would do just fine as a solo dog, so long as she has her people.

Finally, Francie also loves going outside, as well as riding in the car.  She is a sweet, sweet girl and is sure to become a devoted family member and companion -- once she knows she is in her forever home and that she is safe and loved for the beautiful soul she is.

If you have the time, willingness and ability to commit to Francie for her whole life -- no matter what may lie ahead in yours -- please register on (click Register on the lefthand side of the homepage).  When you receive your password on your email account, then log back on to our website with your username and password to complete the SAFE AT LAST online adoption application (click Forms/Applications on the lefthand side of the homepage).  We will be in touch by email once we have your application to schedule the phone interview to commence the review process -- so, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM.  (Also, WE CANNOT CONSIDER YOU IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT THE SAFE AT LAST ADOPTION APPLICATION.  NO EXCEPTIONS.)

Our review process is very straightforward, but it does involve the phone interview, reference checks and a home assessment.  An adoption fee of $275 also applies.

Thank you for your interest & for helping us save pets in need, one life at a time.

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